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Licensing Terms

Royalty-free Image
"Free" in this context means "free of royalties (paying each time you use an image)". It does not mean the image is free to use without purchasing a license or that the image can be downloaded for free.

Pay a one-time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes (with limits)
No time limit on when the buyer can use an image
No one can have exclusive rights of a Royalty-free image (the photographer can sell the image as many times as he or she wants)
A Royalty-free image usually has a limit to how many times the buyer can reproduce it. For example, a license might allow the buyer to print 10,000 brochures with the purchased image. The amount of copies made is called the print run. Above that print run the buyer is required to pay a fee per brochure, usually 1 to 4 cents. Magazines with a large print run cannot use a standard Royalty-free license and therefore they either purchase images with a Rights-managed license or have in-house photographers

Rights-managed Image
Also known as licensed images, this kind of images have the following features:
The value of a license is determined by the use of the image, which is generally broken down along these lines;
  » Usage, Specific Use, Duration, Territory, Size or
  » Exclusivity: (Exclusive, or Non Exclusive)
The terms of the license are clearly defined and negotiated so that the purchaser receives maximum value, and is protected in their purchase by a certain level of exclusivity
Rights-managed licenses provide assurance that an image will not be used by someone else in a conflicting manner. The agreement can include exclusivity, and usually recognizes that this represents added value. Not all Rights-managed licenses are exclusive and those which are not must be stipulated in the agreement
A Rights-managed image usually allows a much larger print run per image than a Royalty-free license

If you choose 'Exclusive Rights', it guarantees that other people cannot buy the image you have purchased for the 'Specific Time Period' mentioned on the Invoice. After the exclusive purchase occurs the image is temporarily removed from our website and is not available to other customers during that time period.

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